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August 05 2017

Fragility in fur, a new post on cygnoir.net. Click the link on my bio to read more. #tortitude #caturday
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Fragility in fur.

Zen, August 2017. Born and forged in hothouse Alabama, Zen is a creature of heat. Throughout this week’s heat wave, she has sought out the warmest parts of our home. Like the corner of the eaves which — despite sounding like a place of great magical power in a children’s book series — is an infernal pocket of breath-sucking dryness. When not upstairs, Zen lounged on her heating pad during our…

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In the corner of the bookstore.

In the corner of the bookstore.

I love going to Powell’s, especially for the moment when I’ve found a few books and I curl up in a corner somewhere to pore over my choices, to turn them over in my hands and see how they feel as orbiting objects in my small universe. This time it was a well-loved used copy of Truman Capote’s “In Cold Blood” and a well-liked used copy of Arundhati Roy’s “The God of Small Things”. I don’t remember…

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One of my favorite places on Earth. #books
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August 01 2017

Always a pleasure to meander through this place.
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July 18 2017

Ready for you to deliver the obscure cultural reference, Judge @johnhodgman! #maximumfun
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July 16 2017

Okay, @specfic. On your recommendation, here I go!
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June 27 2017

#Repost @catharinemisook (@get_repost) ・・・ Morning writing space. And filling in some old pages in my Hobonichi while the coffee is brewing. Here's to a most wonder-full day ahead. #theartofslowliving . . "I write because it is while I’m writing that I fe
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June 25 2017

Look at how the 2 fields match up! #alaac17 #wholepersonlibrarianship
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Refueling between sessions. #alaac17
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Well done, @americanlibraryassociation! #alaac17
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June 15 2017

Burgeoning. #rose #flora #pnw
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June 10 2017

Beyond step counts with Exist

Love your fitness tracker but want to go beyond step counts? Read my review of Exist!

Beyond Step Counts with Exist
I’ve tracked data on my daily life since I was seven years old, fiddling with the tiny gold-tone lock on my first daily diary. Later, when I discovered the “quantified self” movement, some larger lock in my brain would release: I didn’t only want data, I wanted meaning. I’ve been searching for this meaning by tracking fitness (daily step counts and workouts), as well as the following: Sleep…

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Beyond step counts with Exist

June 01 2017

Drip drop. #pnw #rain
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May 23 2017

Shine through.
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Dad gesturing into the light.
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May 21 2017

Dad meets a new neighborhood puppy. #labradoodle #puppy
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May 07 2017

Twenty looks great on Zen. #tortitude #catstagram
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May 06 2017

Someone donated these sweet 8-tracks to the library today.
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