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July 29 2018

The analog joy of a Traveler’s Notebook meetup.

Stack of Traveler's Notebooks

Today I attended a Traveler’s Notebook meetup at Oblation Papers and Press, Portland’s premiere paper boutique and letterpress studio, and one of my favorite places on Earth.

I bought my first Traveler’s Notebook in May 2010. The first words I wrote in it were, “I know, I know — a new notebook, really?” Yes, really, self. And look at me, eight years later, meeting other people who probably wrote similar sentences in their own similar notebooks.

The future, despite the decidedly dystopian trajectory, can still contain glorious moments of geekery.

A certain giddiness engulfs the soul when surrounded by people who express their creativity with the same tools. I get this feeling in a posse of writers and I got the same feeling today. Our host, Kelly, exuded delight as she remarked on the fascinating ways in which each of us had customized our notebooks. I brought some journaling supplies to share and inked some fountain pens too, but I needn’t have over-prepared because Oblation provided inks to try with dip pens, stamps and ink pads, washi tape, stickers, and goodie bags containing paper samples and other ephemera.

And so our version of a group photo contains zero people. Or does it? Here we are: our notebooks as our avatars, blank canvases turned into journals, into sketchbooks, into planners, into endless possibilities.

July 28 2018

Friday night tortie.

July 22 2018

Forbes published a wildly ill-informed article on replacing public libraries with Amazon. I won’t waste my time on a rebuttal.

Read EveryLibrary’s response instead.

View story at Medium.com

July 21 2018

FunkyPlaid and I saw the Mister Rogers documentary tonight and I set a new personal record: I started crying 10 seconds in.

July 20 2018

Black and white tortoiseshell. 😻

July 19 2018

🎙 This week’s episode of the “Hidden Brain” podcast explores the idea of studying religion through the lens of evolution. Riveting stuff! Listen here: https://overcast.fm/+Ht3ifvBjM

July 15 2018

FunkyPlaid gave me this beautiful enamel pin. I refuse to sink.

📺 Watched Hannah Gadsby: Nanette (2018). Don’t read any reviews or think-pieces about this. Just watch it.

This Petrichor candle from Camp Goodroad is the business.

July 12 2018

Recently I have been using Pokémon GO to take more walks (read: drag my patient husband around the block late at night). My Trainer Code is 8105 0156 9090 if you are also inflicting this odd game on someone you love. 🕹

July 11 2018

My team gave me such a thoughtful gift for my 2nd anniversary of working at the library. I’m so lucky! 😍

July 10 2018

Marimo at Pistils Nursery.

July 06 2018

We viewed Lloyd Reynolds’ journals at Reed College today. 😍

July 05 2018

Hosting a friend who also loves analog journaling has made me realize how important this hobby is to me. We’ve spent the early mornings sipping tea while recording memories, printing out phone pics, and making lists. It’s not Instagram-worthy … and I’m glad.

July 03 2018

Press start. (Bonus 🦑!)

July 02 2018

Currently reading: [Kangaroo Too](https://micro.blog/books/9781250081896) by Curtis Chen, ISBN: 9781250081896 📚

June 30 2018

The Chimes by Anna Smaill
Summerland by Hannu Rajaniemi

June 17 2018

Kangaroo Too: A Novel (The Kangaroo Series) by Curtis C. Chen
The Last Policeman: A Novel (The Last Policeman Trilogy) by Ben H. Winters
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