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October 17 2017

Gorgeous anniversary bouquet from @funkyplaidseye! :bouquet: He surprised me with them while I was at the reference desk at work today. Lavender roses and sea holly like our wedding flowers, and Chinese lanterns because I love them.
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October 15 2017

Have some homemade pumpkin bread. :jack_o_lantern::bread::fallen_leaf: #pumpkinbread #autumn
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October 08 2017

Crunch. :fallen_leaf::maple_leaf: #autumn #leaves
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September 28 2017

Black swan ladle! :two_hearts: A lovely gift from @ilovemesomesharks.
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September 19 2017

Race Report: 2017 Beat the Blerch 10K

Race Report: 2017 Beat the Blerch 10K

Been a while. Let’s see if I remember how to do this! Yesterday, I participated in my first race in almost two years. The race is part of a series called Beat the Blerch based on a comic by The Oatmeal, a/k/a Matthew Inman. Even if you don’t enjoy running, the comic is really funny and you should read it. I wouldn’t have even known about the race if my friend K hadn’t asked our other race-loving…

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Great Wheel selfie. #latergram #seattle
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September 18 2017

Turned the heat on. Zen is in her bed. Must be autumn! . . . #tortitude #autumn #cozy
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September 10 2017

Happy birthday to my dad, a real superhero. I found an old Polaroid of him in costume.
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Proper deployment of paper clips on philosophy of linguistics text from uni. #books #officesupplies
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September 02 2017

We drove 7 miles to Hank's for dessert. #frozencustard #family
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August 31 2017

Summer storm.
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August 30 2017

Mister Vic the English Setter has allergies, so he must wear the Comfy Cone. #englishsetter #comfycone
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August 29 2017

I've been showing FunkyPlaid around to some of my childhood haunts. He hasn't run screaming. Yet. #clowns
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August 21 2017

Leaf shadows during #Eclipse2017.
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August 20 2017

[SL] Bucc Bowl C: Everybody, Mostly
I tried to get everyone into one shot.
[SL] Bucc Bowl C: The Crew
From L to R, the intrepid crew of Buccaneer Bowl: Lou Netizen, Lette Ponnier, Thornton Writer.
[SL] Bucc Bowl C: What the Crew Saw
Looking from the vantage point of the Buccaneer Bowl crew.
[SL] Bucc Bowl C: Lou Netizen, Closer
Lou Netizen, one of the Buccaneer Bowl crew for the past six years, announced her retirement from the game today. We will miss her!
[SL] Bucc Bowl C: Lou Netizen
Lou Netizen, one of the Buccaneer Bowl crew for the past six years, announced her retirement from the game today. We will miss her!
[SL] Bucc Bowl C
Voraviators glance around at all of the Buccaneer Bowl contestants from our vantage point on the ship.
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