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June 08 2019

Posted @withrepost • @funkyplaidseye A rapturous moment of swooning over a head-sized crème brûlée at L’Estaminet in Ste-Marie-du-Mont. We are by now surely made entirely of dairy. #normandy #dday75 #foodporn #saintemariedumont #desserttable #spoonswoon
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June 06 2019

#dday in Lion-sur-mer.
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May 29 2019

Potato salad with tempeh “bacon”. Meatless Monday on Tuesday!
via Instagram bit.ly/2MhXzu0

May 28 2019

Zen likes to nap, but she LOVES to nap in the sunshine. :heart_eyes_cat::sunny:
via Instagram bit.ly/2HFUXBX

May 20 2019

O, my dear Gabriel. You didn’t love this photo I took of you 18 years ago, but it reminded me of one of our grandest adventures. Rest easy now. No more need to fight.
via Instagram bit.ly/2YDLxg0

May 14 2019

I drove to Salem to meet, tour, and generally soak in the excellent @statelibraryor. #librarylife
via Instagram bit.ly/2E7hXHE

May 08 2019

Things are looking up. :deciduous_tree::sunny:
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April 28 2019

Springy. :tulip:
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This podcast makes me full-on ugly-cry on the regular. But I stayed sniffle-free last night! Lots of mirth and heart.
via Instagram bit.ly/2L5g1W5

April 26 2019

Late-night leadership training. :books: What's your favorite book on leadership?
via Instagram bit.ly/2DyPDxH

April 20 2019

Time for lunch and the keynote! #olawla19
via Instagram bit.ly/2ItEouN

April 18 2019

Chicken and (gluten-free) dumplings. Not bad for a first attempt!
via Instagram bit.ly/2IDoSM1

April 13 2019

Made it to the weekend. All I want to do is sleep and dream of these trees.
via Instagram bit.ly/2PayFu7

April 12 2019

Chickpea, sweet potato, and chard curry. #veganfood
via Instagram bit.ly/2G8bQ6e

April 09 2019

Posted @withrepost • @tigardpubliclibrary Happy National Library Workers Day! See our story for our celebration. #nlwd19 #libraries #nationallibraryweek
via Instagram bit.ly/2UBFiuT

March 22 2019

I see what you did there, @cedarmilllibrary. #bingeboxes #library #diehard
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March 15 2019

Stay home and read? Yes, please.
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February 26 2019

We’ve been trying to find a name for this lovely cat all week. “Lola” is the front runner. :smiley_cat:
via Instagram ift.tt/2GMemCa

February 23 2019

My kind of birthday cake. :birthday:
via Instagram ift.tt/2TZI4pT

February 22 2019

When you try to but you end up . Story of my (selfie) life.
via Instagram ift.tt/2BP8qEi
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