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March 20 2017

Geocaching selfie.
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March 18 2017

Bevy of daffodils. #spring #flora #flowers
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March 09 2017

A glimpse of the Great Blue Heron near the library.
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March 02 2017

Long day at work called for homemade chili. #latergram #food #glutenfree
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February 28 2017

Birthday selfie. #latergram
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February 23 2017

Spring is just around the corner!
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February 14 2017

Internet, why do my cookies look like cat sick? #glutenfree #foodporn #catsick
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Internet, why do my cookies look like cat sick? #glutenfree #foodporn #catsick

February 08 2017

Taken last Friday morning during our mini ice storm. I'm so tired of crazy winter weather.
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January 30 2017

This week.

This week: someone was busy & I tried to stay sane.

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Life That was quite a week, wasn’t it? Someone’s been busy. All I did was go to work, get a haircut, and try not to lose my damned mind over every New York Times app notification. Even my trusty Lamy 2000 fell apart. At least Zen has had a great week. In between “spa treatments” (read: subcutaneous fluids) she’s been hand-fed baby food and otherwise fussed over pretty much non-stop. Work For…

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This week.

January 29 2017

We put up a sign today. #inouramerica #nwgsdpdx
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January 23 2017

This week.

This week: I wrote words but 💩 would suffice.

Life If my life could be summed up in one emoji this week, it’d be 💩. I have been on hyper-vigilant poop watch for Zen, fretting over her lack of bowel movements, convinced that she would land back in the hospital. But Friday was a breakthrough day for Zen’s health, and as I write this she is back to her old, weird, snuggly, cantankerous, deeply loved self. I do not have illusions about what all…

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This week.

January 22 2017

Stuck on a shop window in Northeast Portland.
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January 16 2017

This Week

This week: Zen’s health scare and snow that won’t melt.

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Life So many things were disrupted this week that I don’t know where to start. I’ll start with the most important: despite a health scare, Zen is okay. On Thursday morning, Zen started to show signs of discomfort due to constipation, and by the early afternoon her health appeared to have deteriorated rather quickly. Despite our vet being closed due to the weather, we managed to get her an…

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This Week

January 11 2017

Standing room only. #snowpocalypse #pdxtst
via Instagram ift.tt/2j8kzMb
Proper snow in NE Portland! #snow #pdxtst
via Instagram ift.tt/2jhn9wS

January 09 2017

This Week

What I’ve been up to this week: surviving another ice storm, lots of work, even some writing!

Life Hello from the midst of another Portland ice-pocalypse! FunkyPlaid and I have a fire going in the fireplace and still have power, but the sidewalks and roads are covered with ice. Now that I have somewhat recovered from last year’s Project 365, I thought I’d attempt this weekly review again. To combat the winter doldrums, I’ve restarted my daily mood tracking with Exist, which also…

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